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AM90 Stick

AM90 Stick

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Introducing the Array Hockey Stick AM90 – Your Ultimate Defensive Powerhouse!

Are you ready to take your defensive game to the next level? Look no further than the Array Hockey Stick AM90! Crafted with precision from a remarkable 90% Carbon composite, this stick is your ticket to unmatched power, precision, and control on the field.

Unleash Your Defensive Dominance: Picture yourself as the ultimate defender, the game-changer on the pitch. With the AM90, you can make that vision a reality! Whether you're stopping attackers in their tracks or sending pinpoint passes downfield, this stick is your trusty partner in crime.

Feel the Carbon Advantage: Our AM90 boasts a staggering 90% Carbon composition, ensuring incredible strength without sacrificing agility. With this stick in your hands, you'll experience unrivaled power when hitting and slapping the ball. 

Precision Meets Performance: The AM90 features a mid-bend design with a 24.5mm profile and a bend location at 300mm. Turn your passes into works of art and set up your team for victory!

Weight: The AM90 is between 520-540grams 

So, are you ready to redefine your defensive game? Don't settle for ordinary – choose the extraordinary. Get your hands on the Array Hockey Stick AM90 and join the league of defenders who play with unmatched power, precision, and style.

Upgrade to the AM90 and discover the defender within you. Get yours today and take charge of the field like never before!

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