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Array Thermal Jacket

Array Thermal Jacket

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When the icy winds blow and you're gearing up for an exhilarating game of hockey, you need gear that can keep you warm, dry, and at the top of your performance. The Array Thermal Jacket is meticulously designed to be your go-to outer layer for battling the cold and ensuring you play your best.

Key Features:

  1. Wind Resistant: The Array Thermal Jacket is your shield against the biting winter winds that can sap your energy and focus. It offers excellent wind resistance, allowing you to maintain your stride and precision on the hockey pitch.

  2. Showerproof: Don't let sudden rain showers put a damper on your game. Our thermal jacket is equipped with a showerproof exterior that repels moisture, ensuring you stay dry and ready for action.

  3. Warmth: Hockey demands peak performance, and staying warm is crucial. The Array Thermal Jacket boasts 140gsm thermal wadding that provides exceptional insulation, keeping you comfortably warm during cold weather matches and practices.

  4. Additional Pockets: Stay organized and focused with additional pockets that give you easy access to your essentials. Whether it's your phone, keys, or extra equipment, you'll have everything you need within reach.

  5. Internal Power Stretch Cuffs: Say goodbye to cold drafts creeping up your sleeves. The internal power stretch cuffs seal in warmth, providing a snug fit that keeps you cozy and focused on the game.

Conquer the Cold, Elevate Your Game:

The Array Thermal Jacket is not just a piece of clothing; it's a game-changer. Whether you're braving the elements on the hockey pitch or cheering from the sidelines, it's designed to enhance your experience and help you achieve your best performance.

Join the League of Champions:

Elevate your cold-weather game with the Array Thermal Jacket, trusted by dedicated hockey players who demand nothing but the best. Step onto the hockey pitch with confidence, knowing you have the ultimate gear backing you up.

Your Game, Your Style, Your Array Thermal Jacket:

Order your Array Thermal Jacket now and step onto the pitch with gear that's as passionate about hockey as you are. Elevate your game. Elevate with Array.



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Customer Reviews

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Perfect jacket

bought this jacket and it arrived a week ago, can't wait to wear this when weather is cold nice material and seems warm